Saturday, January 29, 2011

A note from Andy at Make the Cut - eCraft plug in BETA

For those of you that have a eCraft this is great news. Please remember this is the BETA version and you need to have Make the Cut either the trial version or purchased. For even more info please check the Make the Cut forum. Enjoy!

January 28
Hi everyone...

I finished a little ahead of time, so instead of waiting, I am going to launch a BETA now.

I have the BETA of the eCraft plug-in ready for testing. Here is a link to install the plug-in:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of MTC installed (3.2.1)
2) Make sure MTC is not running (i.e. close it down)
3) Download/run the file above.
4) Start MTC back up. You will see a new cutting option in the "Cut project with..." menu item.

Right now the plug-in works best if you choose the "Tray/Roll" cutting mode. The "Front" option isn't quite as functional as it should be.

Good luck!


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