Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Letter to Provo Craft

As far as Im concerned I will NEVER buy any of your products again. What you are doing is BULLSHIT and Im sick of it! Your acting like a child that dose'nt want to share there toys. You may think you have beat Andy(MTC) and Todd (SCAL)but you havent!
There are several other machines out there that are better than yours that MTC & SCAL are compatible. Those companys see the benefit of having MTC & SCAL work with there cutters. Dont you think that with your actions that myself and others will be selling our Cricuts to buy the other product?? Thats exactly what is happening right now. Your idiots for what you have done and I hope you feel the consequences soon.I will be selling ALL my PC products on Ebay!

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